This church was built in the 12th century outside the gates, hence the name, with a Pisan-style facade from the 1200s. Inside are two late-17th-century Guercino paintings: St. Lucy on the fourth altar on the right, a simple composition with Lucia holding her eyes daintily on a plate, and a smoke-blackened Assumption in the left transept. There's also a ciborium in pietre dure in the right transept (1680) and a 1386 Giottesque Assumption by Angelo Puccinelli with angels emerging from cocoonlike clouds in the sacristy (ring for the custodian). Just beyond the church is the sandstone Porta San Gervasio, a gate preserved from the medieval walls of 1260. Out the other side of the gate, running down the center of Via del Fosso, is the former moat of the wall, now demoted to charming canal status.