Vying with Coque for the title of Madrid’s most memorable gastronomic experience is celebrity punk chef David Muñoz’s extraordinary restaurant in Chamartín. Influenced by Abraham García, whose Viridiana he visited as a child, Muñoz trained at the London restaurants Nobu and Hakkasan. He describes his pioneering Spanish fusion as avant-garde cuisine in which everything is possible—indeed, his tasting menu is called Cerdos Voladores (Flying Pigs). Each course is a work of culinary art, with Jackson Pollock–like splashes and street-art sprays. Expect to use a range of eating utensils: chopsticks, a spatula, your hands. To secure a table you have to buy a non-refundable ticket at 125€, far in advance, which is deducted from your final bill. If that’s all too much, you can experience the entertaining and unsettling world of Dabiz (as Muñoz is nicknamed) on a budget at StreetXO, on the top floor of El Corte Ingles in the Serrano shopping mall.