Barcelona-born chef and co-owner Frank Camorra has made MoVida one of the most talked-about restaurants in Melbourne. His restaurant reflects the spirit of Spain, relaxed and fun, with seriously good food and good wine. Melbournians flock here, and it’s truly one of those places I was tempted to keep a secret (if that’s possible due to the fact that everyone talks about how great it is). MoVida offers a choice of tapas (small individual dishes) or raciones (plates to share among two or more people, or a larger dish for one). Specials are available every night to keep the regulars happy. So successful is the first MoVida that there’s also now Next Door, which is . . . you guessed it, next door. And if you have a large group, or you want to dine outdoors, there is MoVida Aqui, at level 1, 500 Bourke St. (entry off Little Bourke St.), which has a huge casual dining area and a terrace and serves the same great food. Be sure to book a table (but only if you are a group of six or fewer).