At this impressive zoo, there are polar bears and sea lions who flirt with those watching from the subterranean tank window of the Northwest Passage. There's Primate Canyon, where bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans get frisky with one another. The Animals of the Night focuses on nocturnal creatures such as bats, aardvarks, and wombats. The China section has a pair of giant pandas, making Memphis only one of four cities in the United States to house the magnificent creatures. The Stingray Bay, which debuted in 2013, is a pool where visitors can pet the rays and small sharks. It's open from March through October, and lines can be very long.

The zoo's entrance was constructed to resemble an ancient Egyptian temple and, to follow suit, there are traditional and contemporary hieroglyphics etched all over. There's also a small section where children can ride camels, donkeys, and other inhabitants for an additional fee (steer your kids away from this part if you don't want to fork over additional money, as I guarantee they'll want to do it). Allow at least three hours to cover the entire grounds.