Consistently ranked one of the top zoos in the country, the Memphis Zoo—which includes a 5-acre primate habitat, an exhibit of nocturnal animals, and an extensive big-cat area—is a can’t-miss for most people, but especially those with children. It has a number of unique eco-stystems, like the Teton Trek, which showcases wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone area (grizzly bears, elk, grey wolves, sandhill cranes). Polar bears, seals, and sea lions inhabit the Northwest Passage area. The Zambezi River Hippo Camp allows visitors to watch the hippos from above and below as they take a dip in the water. Even the zoo’s entrance is a show stopper. Built to resemble an ancient Egyptian temple, it's covered with traditional and contemporary hieroglyphics. Allow 3 hours to a full day. Tip: There are a lot of “extras” at the Memphis Zoo these days, and if you purchase them a la carte, you’re going to pay more (and be pretty annoyed by the end of your visit). Consider ponying up the $40 adult and $35 child premium ticket cost to get unlimited access to giraffe feeding, butterflies, Dino Park, the carousel, farm train, and kids’ rides.