The Peabody Hotel has long been a Memphis icon: it's the most elegant hotel in town and it's just up the way from Beale Street. After a major renovation that ended in late 2013, the rooms gained contemporary touches that include boldly patterned rugs, geometric mirrors, sculptural-looking headboards, keyless card systems, and soundproof, energy-efficient windows. Still, they avoid looking too faddish. The Peabody's most famous inhabitants are the ducks who march down from the roof promptly at 11am each day, swim in the fountains, then return to their perch at 5pm. (Back in the 1920s, the hotel also had turtles and baby alligators.) The ducks are a major part of the hotel's identity: soap bars are shaped like ducks, collectible rubber duckies are included with some packages (and sold in the gift shop), and many of the art pieces and other accents are just as ducky. Try to have a meal or afternoon tea at the very good Chez Philippe, probably one of the few French restaurants in the world that don't have (you guessed it) duck anywhere on the menu.