It's way out in the far reaches of East Memphis—technically in the yuppie suburb of Germantown—but the drive to reach Las Tortugas is worth it, as it serves what's easily the best Mexican food in the metropolis. This is no dive; it's a proper cantina that only uses fresh ingredient to make food that has not been Americanized (you won't find nachos, cheese dip, or even flour tortillas here). Order straight off the menu and don't make any modifications or you might get reprimanded. The tortugas (Mexican-style sandwiches) are excellent, as are the red snapper tacos. Be sure to tack on a side of alote (steamed corn that's been basted with lime, mayo, cheese, and crushed chiles), and try either an authentic agua fresca, fruit juice blended with shaved ice, or a horchata (a cinnamony drink made from ground-up rice). Las Tortugas is not a great option for vegetarians, though there are a couple meat-free items on the menu, including the guacamole sandwich. There's limited seating, so prepare to wait.