Layers upon layers of history grace this parador. The spot where it stands was once a Roman temple, then an 18th-century convent, and next a prison. In 1960, it was the grounds for a meeting between two dictators: Franco of Spain and Salazar of Portugal. Luxurious lodgings come in all different shapes and sizes, but all are splendidly outfitted in quality wood furnishings, coffered ceilings, and fine linens. A salon has been installed in the cloister, and the central garden, lush with flowers and plants, is one of the most tranquil spaces in the town to wander. Though rates spike during the theater festival, the parador can be quite reasonable in the off season (hence the wide range of rates below). The restaurant is top-notch, serving roast meats and Extremaduran specialties in a spacious, well-appointed room.