Most people still think of Little Havana as Cuban, but these days they’re actually outnumbered by Central Americans, and of this region’s cuisine, I’ve found Guatemalan the tastiest. Appointed in yellow adobe inside and out, this cozy, family-oriented spot in Little Havana is Miami’s premier Guatemalan restaurant as well as a tasty bargain. What’s the grub like? In addition to some items in common with Guatemala’s neighbor Mexico—fajitas, refried beans, corn tortillas, the rice-based drink horchata—this cuisine stars some fascinatingly unique dishes and produce. Order one of the antojito (appetizer) platters, then a main dish such as puerco adobado (marinated pork) and chilaquiles (a concoction of tortillas, egg, and cheese). They don’t serve some of the specialties I most love from this country, but I still make sure to get over here every once in a while.