Cannes and South Beach are birds of a chichi feather, so when Le Bâoli made the grand jeté from Boulevard de la Croisette to Collins Avenue in 2010, it struck a chord with elite local partyati, celebs included (the publicists aren’t shy about name-dropping Beyoncé, Clooney, DiCaprio, Dolce/Gabbana), and remains a hot resto-nightspot. Behind a blank streetside facade you’ll find an indoor-outdoor space whose movie-set-like interplay of retro-chic, verdant foliage, sultry soundtrack, and sexy lighting could make almost anyone look hot (good thing, too, because when I’ve been in, a high percentage of both crowd and servers has been model-level gorgeous). I especially love the romantic courtyard. The menu? Classy, top-quality Euro surf [’]n’ turf. Chef Gustavo Vertone may be Argentine, but there’s much homage to Bâoli’s Côte d’Azur roots and its Mediterranean neighbors—terrine de foie gras, bouillabaisse, gazpacho, branzino, risotto—sprinkled with Asian-influenced likes of robata grilled salmon fillet and miso-broiled Chilean sea bass. Weekly highlights include Wednesday night’s “My Boyfriend Is Out of Town”; on that and some other nights, the postprandial partying can carry on until 4am.