After a visit or even an overnight stay at Ny Slot, drive back to Route 287 and follow the road east to the highlight of the tour, Møns Klint. These impressive white chalk cliffs stretch for several kilometers, with a sheer drop of 120m (394 ft.) at their highest point. Formed by glacial deposits combined with the action of a turbulent sea, they are one of the most dramatic natural sights in Denmark. Møns Klint was pocked throughout with nearly 100 Neolithic burial mounds. Paths lead through woodland to the towering edge of the cliffs, where one of the most panoramic views ★★★ in all of Denmark awaits you. For decades photographers have delighted in capturing the image of these brilliantly white cliffs against the azure blue of the sea. When the sun is out, the scene is especially breathtaking.

Footpaths are cut into the cliffs, and visitors are fond of hiking these towering trails. It takes about an hour's walk to appreciate the magnificence of the site. There's a wide expanse of beech trees along the top of the cliffs, providing shelter for rare plants, including 20 species of orchids hidden in the undergrowth. For the best view, follow the signs to the peak called Sommerspiret, and hope that the sky is clear at the time of your visit. Fossils of marine animals -- some long extinct -- have also been discovered on the beach below these cliffs. Two steep flights of steps lead from both Storeklint and Jydeleje down to the sea, but be prepared for an exhausting climb back to the top. Once you're at the bottom, you can join Danish families who hunt for blanched fossils on the beach, usually sea urchins. Captains at sea use the cliffs as a navigational point because they stand out from Zealand's relatively flat topography.

The most dramatic hike, of course, is along the towering cliffs. But if time remains, you can also hike through Klinteskoven (Klinte Forest), a woodland area that grows right up to the edge of the cliffs. Horse trails and a network of paths have been cut through this forest. Trails start from the edge of the cliffs, and the best track to follow is about a kilometer (2/3 mile) west of Storeklint, which will take you to Timmesø Bjerg. Here you'll see the ruins of a castle built around 1100. If you visit, facilities for tourists are found at Storeklint, including a cafeteria and a parking lot, along with some routine souvenir kiosks.

At Rent-A-Horse, Langebjergvej 1 (tel. 55-81-25-25), an outfitter near a local youth hostel at Møns Klint, you can book 1 1/2-hour guided horseback tours of Møns Klint or the bay at its base, the Klinteskoven. Equestrian treks are priced at DKK350 ($60/£35) per person per 1 1/2 hours (including a guide).

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.