Despite a large influx of visitors, Montego Bay retains its own identity. A thriving business-and-commercial center, it functions as the main market town for most of western Jamaica, supporting both cruise-ship tourism and a growing industrial center. Mo Bay, as it's known, is even served by its own airport, Donald Sangster International.

This is the most cosmopolitan of Jamaican resorts, not as hedonistic as Negril but also not as crowded as Ocho Rios. As such, Montego remains the grande dame of island resorts. The draw of Mo Bay is its deluxe hotels, such as the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon, Round Hill, and Tryall.

As in much of Jamaica, your choice of resort here often matters more than your choice of area. If you're determined to honeymoon with your sweetie, go for one of the Sandals properties; if you want to hang with the jet set, take a villa at Round Hill.

If you're seeking authentic or traditional Jamaica, however, this area is probably not for you.