Napa Valley it ain’t, but that’s not a bad thing. Country superstar Kix Brooks founded this winery in 2007, but despite that fact, the winery retains a refined, rustic feel (and that snark is really unfair to ol’ Kix: as he’s part of the '90s country music vanguard and not part of our current pop country affliction). Located less than an hour’s drive southeast of Nashville in the lovely rural countryside, Arrington offers views of neatly trimmed grapes growing in the arbors at the base of a huge hill, a log lodge offering reasonably priced wine tastings, and a gift shop selling merchandise and gourmet picnic foods. Outdoor seating surrounds the lodge, offering breathtaking views of distant farmlands, wooded hillsides, and memorable sunsets, and free live jazz and bluegrass often play on weekends. While the vibe is relaxed and friendly, Arrington has become a popular bachelorette pilgrimage for bachelorette parties and family gatherings—you’re actually required to contact them in advance if you’re coming with 20 people or more—so big groups will want to go on weekdsays or earlier early on weekends to score the prime spots. Also, as with most any Tennessee winery in Tennessee, know that many of the selections are as sweet as jam, though the staff can easily create a tasting menu for you that sticks more closely to traditional wines such as cabernet sauvignonso ask staff for the least sugary varieties if that’s a concern.  Start with the four-wine sampler for $14 and go from there. Arrington also offers reasonably priced transportation options for groups from Nashville, which amount to about $25 to $30 per person round-trip for 19 people or fewer. Check the website for details.