Hotels aren’t usually tourist attractions, but this one is an exception for a few reasons: You have small kids, it’s raining, you’re already going to the Grand Ole Opry, or it’s the holiday season. Three massive atria form the hotel’s three courtyards, which are covered by more than 8 acres of glass, creating vast greenhouses of gurgling streams, splashing waterfalls, pathways, and ponds. The Delta atrium has a 1/4-mile-long “river,” complete with boat rides and an island modeled after the French Quarter in New Orleans (where all the food and drink is overpriced and underwhelming). The real draw here is during the holiday season, when Opryland is decked out with millions of lights, inside and out, and holiday-themed activities abound (see below). If you are visiting Opryland just for the day, do not pay their exorbitant parking fees, which can be $18 to self-park for just a few hours. Instead, drive your car through the movie theater entrance of the Opry Mills Mall all the way across towards the hotel, where you can park across the street from a back entrance or Opryland.