If you take your whisky seriously, after visiting the Jack Daniel's Distillery, you’ll also want to drive the few extra miles from Lynchburg to Tullahoma, to visit the George Dickel Whisky Distillery. Spelled without an “e” to pay tribute to the Old Scotch tradition this distillery follows, George Dickel was founded in 1870, just a few years behind old Jack. The distiller is noted among whisky connoisseurs for using clear, pure Cascade Springs water, and for being the only Tennessee whisky maker to chill each batch before it’s filtered. Dickel claims this process ensures a smoother taste than competitors’ brands. The tour itself is smaller, faster, and less regimented than Jack Daniel’s, so you get more one-on-one time for questions. The quaint shop and picturesque lawn with cornhole boards makes for a fun place to hang out.