Johnny Cash’s museum gets more love than the The Possum’s, but it shouldn’t. Best known for his heartrending hit "He Stopped Loving Her Today" and his distinctive gravelly voice, George Jones was an outright character. Married four times, once to singer Tammy Wynette, Jones struggled with alcoholism for years, missing many performances and earning him the nickname "No Show Jones” before he got sober for good in 1999. But before that happened, stories of Jones’ hard-partying ways were legendary, including the famous lawnmower story below. The George Jones entertainment complex is similarly captivating, with a patio that overlooks the river with live music that secretly has one of the best views of downtown (walk to the railing near the river and look back). Because the museum is attached to a restaurant, patrons are invited to grab a beer or other beverage and take their time moseying through. It also features an oversized rocking chair kids will love to climb on, all kinds of memorabilia including a gold-plated knife with a bald eagle handle, the cat food Jones lent his name to at one point, and poignant pieces including a note from Waylon Jennings to his friend that reads: “George: All you have to do to steal the show is show. I love you and I’m proud of you.”