The original sophisticated cocktail bar in Nashville, the Patterson House still delivers as a place to find impeccable cocktails in sumptuous surroundings. The sparkle of stemware and glass liquor bottles welcomes you to find a seat at the square bar or in a rich brown booth. Round out your cocktail experience with high-end bar snacks including gourmet sliders, animal-style tater tots (topped with “special sauce,” cheese, and whatever other fun stuff they might feel like adding), and South Indian–inspired “crack chicken.” They don’t take reservations, so your best bet is to hit this spot early in the evening.

Note: In 2022, both the Patterson House and Catbird Seat announced a move to the nearby Paseo South Gulch building at 620 Eighth Ave. S., but no additional news has been offered since, nor has either moved as of 2024. Check the website for a current address before visiting.