Using classic French techniques with a modernist American spin, chef Daniel Gorman spotlights local produce and delicacies including Tennessee hams and small-batch bourbons. The space, created and decorated by Nashville artisans, offers a variety of moods from the bustling patio to the intimate Snooker Room. At brunch, Henley puts a modern spin on the classic Southern Breakfast with three hen eggs, spicy greens, grits, and rich, heavily spiced pork sausage. Pair that with duck fat beignets if you’re really looking to blow your calorie-count for the day. For dinner, Henley’s creativity comes out to play with dishes such as Cup O’ (Southern) Noodles—pot likker, a poached egg, beech mushroom, and okra seed oil. The fun continues with sides like cornbread pudding made with fermented peppers, charred corn, and sweet onion. The drinks are second-to-none and include a Manhattan menu that features eight variations and a seasonal punch from the vintage punch bowl for $6. Serious foodies should consider the Rabbit Hole, a tasting-menu experience where diners can try dozens of courses from mushroom-powder bonbons to desserts flavored with sunflower, buttermilk, and white chocolate. Enter through a fake bookshelf at the back of the restaurant and sit at the single table overlooking the kitchen for an unforgettable culinary experience that will leave you asking if you’re truly in Wonderland.