A wood-fired oven anchors this heavy-hitter in Germantown, and chef Julia Sullivan uses it to do everything from roasting pork sausage and oysters to braising lamb and baking incredible fresh bread, which you must order with the house anchovy butter, a condiment that would be good slathered on anything from a fresh pita to a piece of cardboard. For fresh oysters, Henrietta Red boasts the best raw bar in the city featuring many Southern oysters that aren’t widely known yet but are far superior to the ubiquitous Apalachicola you’ll find in the Gulf. If Saucey Ladys or Murder Points are on the menu, get them. This space is tailor-made for groups, and especially bachelorette parties, with its clean, white, sophisticated New England vibe and fancy Jell-O shots to boot. Henrietta Red shines most at brunch, with monkey bread that’s soft on the inside, crunchy with sugar on the outside, and scented lightly with orange. While the price point at Henrietta Red appears to be in the moderate range (and for careful diners, it can be), if you add cocktails and the raw bar (which you should) it will tip you over into expensive.