The BBQ is whole-hog, cooked over smoke, and doesn’t need sauce to taste good. Pork ribs crackle with dark brown bark, chicken wings are a smoky, tangy delight with Alabama white sauce. Even the beef brisket—something that would normally get a Tennessean called out for acting more like a Texan—is superb: roasted, juicy, and chock-full of flavor. Chef and owner Pat Martin designed the downtown location to be a pitmaster’s playground with 13,000 square feet of bars and tables covered in wrestling paraphernalia, maps of the South, and sports pennants. There’s often a line to order snaking around the outside of the building, but if you can snag a seat at any of the three bars, you can order there. You can also call in a to-go order to make a perfect picnic. If you are in a hurry, you can also swing by Hugh Baby’s, Martin’s excellent fast-food spot where he serves burgers and the city’s best milkshakes along with his signature pulled pork and smoked turkey.