This New York–style deli is a local favorite and easily the best deli in town. Tucked into a less-trafficked corner of East Nashville, you’ve got all the usual suspects: bagels, lox, freshly made salads, box lunches, and sandwiches, and the latter is where the magic happens. Two can’t-miss sandwiches include the unassuming Turkey Avocado: the perfect balance of braised turkey, Benton’s bacon, avocado, cheddar, tomato, mayo, and sprouts on Silke’s whole wheat bread. It will be the best turkey sandwich you’ve ever had. The Asian Flank Steak is equal parts hibachi, hoagie, and Italian beef, which sounds weird but tastes wonderful. The soy-based marinade brings serious umami, and the mayo-smeared hoagie, melted provolone, and giardiniera (made with bright, bursting green olives) turn this into full-blown comfort food.