Peg Leg Porker is, overall, just OK. The owner, Carey Bringle, is nice, cool, and locally beloved with good reason—any guy with a sense of humor sharp enough to build a mini barbecue empire with the name “peg leg” after losing a leg to cancer is a guy I want to hang out with. But more often than not, I find the meat dry and underseasoned. However, people love this place, and there is some great stuff to it: The atmosphere on the patios in the Gulch is fantastic, the sausage and sides are great, his sauce is tangy, delicious, and not too sweet, and the drinks are fun and tasty. Order the sausage cheese plate (I’m not calling it “Memphis Sushi” no matter how much Bringle wants to make that happen), creamy mac and cheese, and frozen rum punch. And be sure to check out The Pig Pen, a second-floor lounge with expansive downtown views.