When you hear that Peninsula serves “cuisine of the Iberian Peninsula,” you may wonder if that’s something you want, and the answer is yes. If you like avant-garde cuisine, Spanish food, or both, this place will blow you away. Sophisticated yet comforting food, incredible wine, and an adventurous gin-and-tonic list are set off by the most personal, earnest service in town. Their signature dish is braised rabbit, which features the absolute best broth I’ve ever tasted. Filled with umami, garlic, herbs, and flavored with dashi, it is earthy and intense and luxurious and it’s set off by aioli infused with smoky Basque peppers. Everything at Peninsula is high-end yet approachable, which could not be more at odds with its location in a shopping center across from one of Nashville’s thousand new apartment complexes. Do not let that dissuade you: This is the best of Spain quietly served up in East Nashville, and it is sublime.