Hidden in a little alley in East Nashville’s Five Points is Treehouse, an urban escape where you can find some of Nashville’s most creative food. The treehouse was constructed by local fiddle player Buddy Spicher, who lived here for nearly 25 years before it was turned into a restaurant in 2012. In the kitchen, chef Jason Zygmont presents an internationally inspired menu of small plates inside this often rowdy late-night industry favorite. Think humble broccoli char-grilled with sesame aioli, puffed rye berries, pickled stem and pea tendrils, or fresh pasta made from fava beans and ricotta dressed in nettle oil and Meyer lemon. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is as beautiful as it is delicious. If you find yourself in East Nashville after 10pm on a weekend, hit up the space for Zygmont’s signature ramen: It’s a bowl of umami that will set you right after a night out. And don’t even try a walk-up here; reservations are all but required.