Urban Cowboy Public House may seem like just another hipster haven, but it’s so much more. The vibe is fun: Smoke billows from the fire pit, wrestlers adorn table cards, and a pitch-perfect 1980s playlist pulses in the background. Cocktails are inventive and delicious (Basil Gimlet, Rosé Paloma), as is the food from Roberta’s Pizza (robertaspizza.com, yes the famous pizzeria that was founded in Brooklyn). What to order? The Bee Sting is always the right move—tomato, mozzarella, basil, soppressata, chili, honey—but so is the Stracciatella. It’s a delicacy from the Italian region of Puglia, created in the early 1900s from the scraps left over from mozzarella-making, mixed with fresh cream and topped with sea salt and cracked pepper. It is rich, stringy, cheesy fun, and it should not be missed.