In 1912, when the survivors of the Titanic were brought back to New York by the SS Carpathian, many stayed that first night at this hotel. It seems appropriate, therefore, that most of the Jane’s rooms have the look of a ship’s cabin (or perhaps a railway sleeping car)—highly compact with a shelf above the bed for luggage. Let me go a bit further in explaining what I mean by "compact": These may well be the smallest rooms in NYC (which says a lot). When I was standing in one recently, I spread out my arms and came within about 5 inches of touching both walls at once. So this ain’t the place for claustrophobes. Rooms for two, in the lower category, have bunk beds, making the space seem even smaller. As you might expect, the cheaper rooms all share bathrooms; larger, pricier rooms have private facilities. That being said, these dollhouse-size rooms have every luxury they can cram in: The walls are paneled with burnished anigre wood, a marble counter at the window doubles as a tiny desk and boasts an iPod docking station, and a flatscreen TV is attached to the wall at the foot of the bed.

Two bars—one on the roof and one in the massive lounge area in the lobby—are true scenester haunts, and the public areas are really fun, looking like they were lifted from a movie about opium dens in the “Gay 90’s.”