22km (14 miles) E of Geneva; 27km (17 miles) SW of Lausanne

Unhurried and peaceful, Nyon has been a popular lakefront resort since the Victorian era; masses of flowers decorate its waterfront quays. In Roman times, Julius Caesar used the settlement here as a military outpost for his soldiers. Between 1781 and 1813, Nyon was famous for its delicate, almost translucent porcelain.

A major stopover on the lake-steamer route, Nyon is ideal for walks. You can, in fact, take a walk around the town walls known as Promenade des Vieilles Murailles. The walk goes along the 19th-century town walls until the promenade broadens into the Esplanade des Marronniers, from which the most stunning panorama unfolds. You can also wander around at leisure, enjoying the flower-filled park and quays bordering the yachting harbor.