Holmenkollen is the landmark hill that stands northwest of Oslo city center, and while there has been a ski jump here since 1892, the present-day landmark jump at Kongeveien was constructed in 2010. At 60m (200 ft.) high and 120m (400 ft.) long, it is one of Oslo's biggest visitor attractions.

There's plenty of year-round outdoor and indoor action at Holmenkollen: climb the 250 steps to the top of the jump for beautiful views over the surrounding countryside; visit the world's oldest ski museum in the base of the jump (a rather dry affair with the exception of its beautifully filmed documentary on the Northern Lights); or take your life in your hands and grab a zipline to zoom 360m (1,200 ft.) through the air over the ski jump. The newest attraction here is also the most popular—a simulated ride that mimics the experience of skiing down the jump.

Holmenkollen is also the winter jumping-off point for the snowy delights of Nordmarka national park, which becomes Oslo's winter playground as the snow begins to fall. By summer it is hiking and cycling central, and locals pour out of the city to camp, fish, and canoe through the tranquil wilderness.