Alfred Nobel (1833–96) was the brilliant Swede who invented dynamite and went on to make a fortune, which he left to the Swedish government to found a prize for sciences; this is traditionally announced on December 12, the anniversary of his death. For many years, a Nobel peace prize has also been awarded from Oslo; today the Peace Centre showcases Nobel Peace Prize laureates alongside a permanent exhibition that narrates the backstory of Nobel himself.

Housed in a handsome, former railway station built in 1862, the peace center was opened in 2005 by HRH King Harald of Norway and hosts changing exhibitions aimed at promoting peace, highlighting democracy, and alleviating global conflict. Part of the skill of this museum is presenting weighty issues in an informed but accessible format; there are enough interactive and multimedia displays, photographic displays, and kids' art exhibitions to withstand short attention spans, and several activities led by cartoon characters and focused on winners of the Nobel Prize will prevent kids from being bored to death.