Covering an area equivalent to three soccer pitches, this award-winning, kids-friendly, and hands-on museum examines the role of technological progress around the world, with 20 or so interactive exhibitions showcasing travel, industrial energy, and natural sciences.

Perhaps the most thought-provoking exhibition is "Klima X," highlighting the causes and effects of climate change and global warming, but while there is plenty for all the family to enjoy and learn from, the museum is aimed at kids and maintains its light touch. So this is the place to learn about Norwegain industries, hydroelectric power, natural gas production, and neuroscience but also play around with giant waterwheels, listen to 1960s jukeboxes, and laugh at outmoded 20th-century technology—huge computers, massive mobiles, and clunky typewriters.

There are plenty of fun activities for children taking place all day long; they can have fun interacting with robots or head to the planetarium for the 3-D movies showing the wonders of our universe.