Inaugurated in 1950, the City Hall, whose architecture combines romanticism, classicism, and functionalism, has been called everything from "aggressively ugly" to the pride of Norway. Aesthetics aside, the whole world looks toward this simple red-brick building with its iconic double towers every December when the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. Luminaries such as Yasser Arafat (1994); Martin Luther King, Jr. (1964); Nelson Mandela (1993); and Jimmy Carter (2002) have claimed their prizes under this roof. It houses, among other things, a stunning 25*13m (82*43-ft.) wall painted by Henrik Sørensen, and the mural Life by Edvard Munch. Tapestries, frescoes, sculpture, and woodcarvings by Dagfin Werenskiold are also on display. Guided tours in English are available. Be sure to check out the astronomical clock and Dyre Vaa's swan fountain in the courtyard. Allow about 20 minutes.