The mansion of Marie-Laure de Noailles, an early-20th-century patron of the arts, is an ideal setting for this homage to crystal at its most luxurious. Before you enter the small museum section, take a peek at the Cristal Room, a sumptuous restaurant where Marie-Laure and her friends would feel right at home. While the collection rotates, you can be sure the exposition will include exquisite crystal glasses, vases, plates and other objects made by the house of Baccarat over the last 250 years. When you have finished gaping, have a seat in the lavish ballroom and watch a short film (in English on request) that will make you appreciate the amount of the time, effort and skill that goes into creating these works of art and understand why a simple wine glass starts at over 100€. Speaking of which, when you go back downstairs, check out the boutique, which is almost as impressive as the museum (and doesn’t cost 7€ to get into). Be sure to visit the bathrooms; probably the only ones in the city with chandeliers in the stalls.