This lush, ecologically correct animal reserve invites visitors to five regions of the world, from the plains of Sudan to Europe, via Guyana, Patagonia, and Madagascar. Going for quality instead of quantity, the zoo may not have room for elephants and bears, but it does introduce visitors to animals they might not be familiar with, like the fossa, a catlike carnivore from Madagascar, or the capybara, a giant South American rodent. There is also a good sampling of zoo favorites like lions, baboons, penguins, and a troupe of giraffes—if you are lucky you can get an up-close look while the latter lunch in the giraffe house. The enclosures are well adapted to their inhabitants, so much so that at times it’s hard to see them. But if you are patient you’ll spy wolves peeking out of the foliage, or a bright red tomato frog gripping a vine. Home to more than 1,000 animals in all, the zoo still manages to feel human-sized—you can see the whole thing in a couple of hours. Don’t miss the huge aviaries, one of which is home to a large flock of flamingos.