This tastefully chic hotel is right in the navel of the French political universe, being just around the corner from the Élysées Palace (headquarters of the French President) and across the street from the powerful Ministry of the Interior. The theme here, however, is literature. Each of the 26 exquisite rooms is designated by a different letter and linked to a famous author. If you are in room Z, for example, you might find a copy of Zola’s “Nana” on the bedside table and some of the author’s text on the wall behind the headboard. The room design is serenely hip: The colors are sober, but the materials are soft and comforting, in handsome shades of grey, olive green, beige, and mauve. While the rooms are a little small, the ceilings are mostly high and bathrooms are spacious. Tapas are served at cocktail hour.