It's a team of alums from the George V palace hotel who set up this wonderful Mediterranean restaurant, tucked away in a hidden garden along the tourist-free boulevard Volatire, on the site of a former distillery. It’s like a slice of urban paradise—just you, the flowers and not a peep from the traffic—not to mention some of the most competitive menus on the block: 16€ for a 2-course lunch and 35€ for the fixed-priced dinner. And boy are the dishes delicious: marinated grilled chicken, beef with mint and blackberries, and barbecued octopus – in fact, much of the food is barbecued, on a robata (a Japanese-Spanish grill), with herbs and vegetables from its rooftop garden. Classic cocktails are given a Medieterranean spin (from 8€). And the service? Well, it’s what you’d expect from an ex-palace team: relaxed yet ultra-attentive, and always with a smile. Since Covid, the place is open for coffee from 10am. There are some vegetarian options.