You won’t have to trouble yourself with deciding what to eat here: The only thing on the menu is steak. Just tell the waiter how you want it cooked (bien cuit for medium-well, à point for medium-rare, or saignant for rare), and sit back and wait. First comes a fresh green salad, and then the main event: a giant silver platter of steak, doused in an addictive “secret sauce,” and served with crispy golden fries. Expect to see your server return with a second helping once you’ve finished. Desserts, if you can find the strength, are classic and delicious, including profiteroles and crème brûlée. Get here early; you can’t reserve, and a line snakes out the door. If the line looks too long, you can try one of the two other locations: 101 bd. Montparnasse in the 6th, or 15 rue Marbeuf in the 8th.