El Sano Banano has always been the heart and soul and social center of Montezuma. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also located at the rough geographic center of town, just across from the small central park. The menu is focused on vegetarian and market-fresh cooking, with a long list of vegan, gluten-free, and raw food choices. The salads are huge and plentiful and the sandwiches are served on home-baked whole-wheat bread and buns. No red meat is offered, but seafood and free range poultry make their way into a range of dishes, from Thai-style spring rolls to enchiladas to pasta arrabiata. Every evening at 7:30pm, recent releases and classic movies are shown on a large screen. Tip: There are lots of seating options, but the prized tables are located in the back patio garden, under the tall shade trees.