Surfers first discovered the amazing wave off Pavones in the late 1970s. When conditions are right, this wave peels off in one continuous ribbon for over 2km (1.25 miles). Your skills better be up to snuff, and your legs better be in good shape, if you want to ride this wave.

Pavones got some good press in Allan Weisbecker’s 2001 novel In Search of Captain Zero: A Surfer’s Road Trip Beyond The End of the Road. The word was out, and surfers began flocking to Pavones from all over. On any given day—when the wave is working—you are likely to find surfers from the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Australia, Peru, and any number of other countries.

However, the town and wave are not without controversy. Aside from the typical territorial spats that erupt over most popular waves, Pavones has been the site of a series of prominent squabbles and controversies that include land disputes, drug busts, fistfights, and even murders. For a unique and in-depth account of the town, its wave, and some of these controversies, check out Weisbecker’s Can't You Get Along with Anyone?: A Writer's Memoir and a Tale of a Lost Surfer's Paradise.


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