19km (12 miles) S of Golfito by boat; 35km (22 miles) S of Golfito by road

Playa Zancudo is one of Costa Rica’s most isolated and undeveloped beach destinations. If you’re looking for a remote and low-key beach getaway, it’s hard to beat Zancudo. It’s pretty far from just about everything, and with relatively few places to stay, it’s virtually never crowded. However, the small number of hotel rooms to be had means that the better ones, such as those listed here, can fill up fast in the high season. The beach itself is long and flat, and because it’s protected from the full force of Pacific waves, it’s one of the calmest beaches on this coast and relatively good for swimming, especially toward the northern end. The beach has a splendid view across the Golfo Dulce, and the sunsets are exquisite.

Zancudo is a long, narrow peninsula (sometimes only 90m/295 ft. or so wide) at the mouth of the Río Colorado. On one side is the beach, on the other a mangrove swamp. One road runs the length of the beach, and along this road, spread out over several kilometers of long, flat beach, you’ll find the hotels mentioned on this website.