285km (176 miles) NW of San José; 71km (44 miles) SW of Liberia

Playa Flamingo ★★ is one of the prettiest beaches in the region. A long, broad stretch of pinkish white sand, it is on a long spit of land that forms part of Potrero Bay. At the northern end of the beach is a high rock outcropping upon which most of Playa Flamingo’s hotels and vacation homes are built. This rocky hill has great views.

If you continue along the road from Brasilito without taking the turn for Playa Flamingo, you’ll come to Playa Potrero, located in a broadly curving bay, protected by the Flamingo headlands. The sand here is a brownish gray, but the beach is long, clean, deserted, and very calm for swimming. You can see the hotels of Playa Flamingo across the bay. Drive a little farther north and you’ll find the still-underdeveloped beaches of Playa Prieta ★, Playa La Penca ★, and finally, Playa Pan de Azúcar ★★, or Sugar Beach.