Thór, the thunderbolt-wielding Norse god of farmers and seafarers and pioneers, has always been especially revered by Icelanders, who see in him an idealization of the persevering Icelandic character. Þórsmörk (Thor's Wood) has an aura of enchantment in the minds of Icelanders, as its honorary name suggests. Surrounded by broad, silt-covered river valleys and three towering glaciers, Þórsmörk is a kind of alpine oasis; ask any sheep who has sought shelter there. Scenic surprises lie around every corner, from waterfalls, twisted gorges, and dripping, moss-covered caves to wildflowers, mountain grasses, and birch trees.

Come prepared: only basic food supplies are available, and temperatures are colder than in coastal regions. Þórsmörk can be visited on day tours, but staying 1 to 3 nights is recommended.