A little-known fact about Portland is that it is a large hub for international resettlement programs. The largest contingent comes from East Africa: Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. As such, we have the great fortune of being able to have authentic cultural and culinary adventures. This family-owned and operated restaurant offers diners the chance to explore Eritrean food just like you would find in Eritrea. The space is very small and casual, but what they offer here is an experience that temporarily transports diners. For those who have never eaten East African food (eaten without utensils), the staff will be happy to explain how the injera (a spongy flatbread) is used to scoop up food. Be prepared for a little heat, as this is not mild food! For parties of four, the coffee ceremony is a treat—the coffee beans are roasted right there at the table. Things run on African time—the doors aren't always open when the sign says, and the service can be a little slow, but this is an authentic, reasonable restaurant worthy of investigating. No reservations.