This Portland institution resides in a squat concrete building at the not-so-quaint end of the waterfront. It’s been written up in Gourmet magazine, but that’s where the comparison to “fine dining” ends; this is a diner, Maine-style, complete with drop ceilings, fluorescent lights, and scruffy counters, booths, and tables. It opens early (4am) for the local fishermen grabbing a cup of joe and some eggs before heading out onto (or in from) the water; later in the day, it attracts high school kids, businessmen, and just about everyone else. The menu is extensive, offering what you’d expect: sandwiches, fried haddock, corn dogs, tuna melts, and milky bowls of chowder with just-caught fish. It’s notable for its breakfasts, including more than a dozen omelets, eggs any way you want ‘em, pancakes, French toast, and five types of home fries.