Silly's has long been the favored cheap-eats joint of hip Portlanders. Situated on a busy commercial street near the Eastern Promenade, the interior is informal, bright, and funky, with mismatched 1950s dinettes and a hodgepodge back patio beneath trees. There's also a weird fascination with Einstein here, and like Einstein, the menu is creative. The place is noted for its roll-ups ("Abdullahs"), a series of tasty fillings piled into soft tortillas; try one with shish kabob and feta, or a "Diesel," made with pulled pork and coleslaw. Newer menu additions include a slop "bucket," which has a messy, layered-burrito feel. The fries are hand-cut, the burgers big and juicy, and there's beer on tap. Don't overlook the dessert menu of cookies, pies, ice creams, cakes, and big milkshakes -- Silly's whips its shakes up with peanut butter, tahini, bananas, malt, or almost anything else you could imagine, plus a few things (cranberry sauce? marshmallow crispies? check) you couldn't have.