Thanks to a happening beachfront position and loads of character, Buca di Bacco is one of Positano's most sought-after hotels, with an airy and happy vibe that's downright enchanting. If you imagine Positano as a theater and the waterfront as the stage, the hotel would be analogous to the expensive box seats at stage right. That means you're a stone's throw from the action of the harbor (boat traffic and bars) and Spiaggia Grande beach, a location which—fair warning—some guests love, and others find too chaotic.

The fun atmosphere here is amplified by the exuberant use of Vietri tiles throughout the property. Tiles with stars, pinwheels, and other joyful motifs, in addition to the usual solid squares of color, can't help but brighten your mood. The spacious, white-walled guest rooms have a ton of personality—in arched passageways, ornate chandeliers, whimsical headboards, bold accents, and yes, those gleeful Vietri tiles. The hotel's 47 rooms are, confusingly, divided into six different categories, from standard to deluxe, and with various grades of views and sizes of terraces. So, when you make reservations, be sure to communicate with the hotel directly for a clear understanding of what you're booking. As a government-rated four-star hotel, Buca di Bacco also offers a good range of amenities, including a private terrace overlooking the beach and cooking classes (2 hrs., 120 per person, minimum two people, to be arranged at least one day in advance).