There's nothing luxurious here—just a whole lot of sunny southern Italian charm. The nonchalantly elegant Savoia enjoys an ideal location in the heart of Positano, as it's halfway between the top of town, where the coast-drive SITA bus stops, and the bottom of town, where the water, beach and busiest activity are. Rooms, which have gleaming tile floors, are decorated in a typically Italian style—spare and antique, but with white vaulted ceilings; little alcoves in the thick, old walls; and unselfconscious printed upholstery adding a certain charm. Bathrooms are exceptionally large and clad, as usual in this region, with cheerful Vietri ceramics. Rooms on higher floors have the best views, taking in picturesque compositions of town, sea, and cliffs, and less noise from the street. Families can request rooms with adjoining balconies. (Of the 39 rooms, almost none are alike, so it's best to ask the hotel to give you a detailed picture of what you are booking; for example, for rooms with balconies, some have just a tiny French balcony versus an actual sitting area.)