Shopping in Prague

The rapid influx of visitors, wage growth, and a new consumer economy fueled by the shopping habits of the Czech nouveau riche have resulted in expensive boutiques and specialty shops burgeoning in Prague. Shopping malls now offer everything from desi...  Read more >

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Star Rating Name Category
1 star rating Art Deco Galerie Antiques
2 star rating Art Decoratif Housewares & Furniture
2 star rating Artěl China & Glassware
1 star rating Boheme Fashion
2 star rating Botanicus Souvenirs
2 star rating Granát Jewelry
2 star rating Klára Nademlýnská Fashion
3 star rating Kubista Housewares & Furniture
1 star rating Manufaktura Souvenirs
3 star rating Moser China & Glassware
3 star rating Palladium Department Stores
3 star rating Shakespeare & Sons Bookstores