Quebec City

Shopping in Quebec City

Wandering the streets of Vieux-Québec is a singular pleasure, comparable to exploring a provincial capital in Europe. You might happen upon an ancient convent, gabled houses with steeply pitched roofs, a battery of 18th-century cannons in a leafy park...  Read more >

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Star Rating Name Category
3 star rating Benjo Toys
2 star rating Boutique des Métiers d’Art Arts & Crafts
2 star rating Crocs Shoes
1 star rating Galerie Brousseau et Brousseau Arts & Crafts
2 star rating Les Délices de l'Érable Food
2 star rating Les Fourrures du Vieux-Port Fashion
2 star rating LOGO Sport Fashion
2 star rating Marché du Vieux-Port Markets
1 star rating Rue du Trésor “Outdoor Gallery” Arts & Crafts
2 star rating Sachem Arts & Crafts
1 star rating Signatures Québécoises Fashion
1 star rating Simons Department Stores