"Open-faced sandwich" is an oxymoron, but connoisseurs of Danish smorrebred see it differently. Copenhagen even has a smorrebred school, and in 1995 Jómfrúin's head chef was the first male ever to graduate. You can't go wrong with anything based on the smoked salmon, and the rye bread (heavy and dense, with whole grains and nuts) is preferable to the bland French bread. The most famous sandwich is the H. C. Andersen: rye bread with butter, crisp bacon, liver pâté, port aspic, horseradish, and parsley — "open-heart surgery sandwich" might be a better description. The most frequently ordered item, for good reason, is the fried plaice on rye with butter, tartar sauce, shrimp, asparagus, and lemon. Service is quick, though mind the odd closing time.