The stretch of road that connects Roč (Rozzo), Buzet (Pinguente), and Hum (Colmo) is as rural as they come. The strip linking Roč and Hum is just 6.4km (4 miles) long, but it’s considered a historic corridor because of its commemorative Glagolitic sculptures. The string of 10 outdoor sculptures dotting the road were erected between 1977 and 1981 to celebrate and preserve Glagolitic script. One of the sculptures, Razvoda, is an arrangement that looks like a Stonehenge garden. Today, Roč is known as a center of Glagolitic literature.

Dubbed the “City of Truffles,” Buzet stands atop a 137m (450-ft.) hill, amid prime truffle-hunting territory.

Hum’s biggest claim to fame is its nominal status as the world’s smallest town. However, from the looks of the state of tourism in the present-day village, that could be changing. Tiny Hum has spiffed itself up recently and is quite appealing.