256km (159 miles) W of Copenhagen; 24km (15 miles) SE of Silkeborg; 35km (22 miles) SW of Århus

In the heart of Jutland, the little old town of Ry makes a less commercialized center than Silkeborg for visiting the mid-Jutland Lake District, one of the most beautiful areas of Denmark. Ry lies in a rural setting of extensive forests and rolling hills, valleys, gorges, and lakes, all linked by the Gudenå (also spelled Gudenåen), the longest river in Denmark. The region is filled with numerous sites of historical interest, including old churches, abbey ruins, villages with thatched roofs, and a number of small museums. Other than a walk through the town of Ry itself, there aren't many notable sights in the historic center. We use Ry as a base, branching out to see attractions in its environs.